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What is PashtoFonts?

PashtoFonts enabled you to use Unicode Pashto fonts in your Joomla CMS without installing on web-server or client PC. The service can be used in any kind of web portal by including CSS file in the header and call specified font-face for html tags. A collection of 42 fonts is available for usage including 1 for Urdu language. 

What are the features?

  • Unicode text support
  • Fonts installation not required
  • Easy customzation with CSS
  • 42 beautiful fonts
  • Support Urdu language
  • Best for RTL themes
  • Different styles in single article
  • Various HTML tags can be assign
  • Separate styles for body/page title
  • 99.9% remote server up time

Wordpress Plugin

Version 1.0

PashtoFonts is availbile for wordpress CMS as well with all features. In addition there are shortcodes for English/Pashto for wordpress. One can easily use both languages in a single WP post. Plugin allows you to enable PashtoFonts for comments, posts or page.




The service works perfectly on any HTML & PHP based webpage. A solution for building Pashto based web-applications. Lots of corporate applications needs to be translated and displayed in Pashto especially in Afghanistan and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa.

How to use?