What is Lek?

The online app that turns your boring images and text into stunning designs.

With Lek app you can turn your creative ideas into awesome designs. Whether you have an assignment, Presentation, Flyer or Brochure, Web or Blog Post, Facebook cover or just want to impress your social media friends with your creativity and much much more is now possible with lek app.

The app is built and design for everyone, you don't need to be a graphic designer or photoshop guru, be as creative as possible, even with little or no knowledge of design at all you will be able to create eye catching beautiful, custom and sharable images within a couple of minutes.

Lek app is the fastest, free and easy way to create an image. Nothing should hold you back while all the tools are available in one place, simply start with a blank page or select from the freely available photos and fonts or upload your own and play with the options.

Equipped with 42 Pashto, 3 Urdu and 10 English stylish/decent fonts LEK allows you to insert text layers as much as possible. Type and Save lenghty documents which can be accessable from any where any time without any kind of storage and privacy issues.

Behind the scene!

Abdul Muqsit (Moxet Khan) a software engineer from Peshawar working on various Pashto projects from more than 3 years. He tweets via @sokaniwaal