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Well, we will provide the complete solution of writing or ready Pashto for your computer whether it is office applications, online websites or even Adobe Photoshop designing. Lots of members on Pukhtoogle are asking

How to write Pashto text in Photoshop without print screen or import

The answer for your question is here, i will show you how to make eye-catching covers and smooth edges Pashto text in Photoshop with the help of two three simple steps below. The cover has various effects and color correction so you can learn how to tune a good facebook cover.

In tutorial, i will show you how to write Pashto using Online website, Office application & Adobe Photoshop!

Using Online website

In emergency cases you don’t need to install any additional keyboard in your computer, just point your browser to our online Pashto Phonetic Keyboard and write whatever you want. Keyboard map is attached with keyboard.

Microsoft Office & Windows Applications

Using these fonts in your office applications for composing books, resume, letters or other necessary papers is pretty easier. All you have to do is to install Pashto Phonetic Keyboard in your computer. You can download from the links in the end of this article. These are few steps

  1. Download fonts & Phonetic Keyboard
  2. Install Keyboard in your computer
  3. Copy fonts and paste in C:\Windows\Fonts directory
  4. Open any application and press Alt + Shift to change keyboard from English to Pashto
  5. Type text in Pashto
  6. Change fonts from font dialogue or press Ctrl + D if you are using Microsoft Office application.

That’s all, now you are able to write/read Pashto in your computer whether you are using Office Application or social networks.

Adobe Photoshop Designing in Pashto

Problem in Adobe Photoshop is text alignment of Pashto. Our language is RTL (Right to Left) while typing Pashto text in Photoshop using the keyboard explained above causes splitting of the text. To avoid such problems i have a sample PSD file below in download section which helps you to write Pashto without splitting the words. Be careful while designing in Photoshop because if you delete the Pashto text layer other text layers can’t write Pashto for you. Always take a duplicate layer in case you can restore them later.

Steps are here

  1. Download Sample Pashto facebook cover
  2. Make sure you have Pashto Phonetic Keyboard installed in your PC
  3. If you are using old version of Photoshop it will popup with some messages, ignore them
  4. Now the file is opened, double click on text layer to edit Pashto text
  5. Press Alt + Shift to switch Keyboard to Pashto
  6. Wow! You can write Pashto in Photoshop
  7. Download Pashto fonts for various amazing designs & look
  8. Save your files, upload to facebook and don’t forget to mention us if it works for you 🙂



Don’t save your facebook covers or any designing in Photoshop as JPG, because facebook will drop compression rate and your designing will be destroyed. Try to to save your files with PNG extension.


Pashto Phonetic Keyboard Download PashtoFonts Sample PSD


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