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PashtoFonts – First Pashto WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows you to show custom Pashto Unicode text in your blog including Posts, exerts & comments. Decorated with 42 beautiful and decent Pashto fonts which automatically detects Pashto text and set the align and size of the post accordingly. First ever Pashto most simplest & effective Pashto plugin for WordPress is equipped with short codes. Short codes helps you to show combine text of Pashto & English in a single post without losing align, size or font-family. All features & usage of the plugin is given below with details.


  1. 42 built in fonts with easiest way to choose and apply.
  2. Stylize your post along with title, separate style for title & body of text can be selected via combo boxes.
  3. Set plugin for RTL & LTR themes accordingly.
  4. Apply plugin styles on posts, comments and excerpts. If you want to disable on any of them you can simply uncheck.
  5. Using short codes you can easily combine Pashto & English text in a single post without disturbing layouts of both languages.
  6. اس پلگ ان کی قیمت صرف ایک مسکراہٹ
  7. Woow! you can use this plugin for Urdu as well, we have integrated Nafees Nastaleeq in plugin for Urdu bloggers.


Short Codes

Following are some explanation and usage of Short codes in both English & Pashto posts.

If you want to put Pashto text inside a line or paragraph you can simply call the above pukhto short code and it will set rest of the properties of text and font automatically. Let me show you i am writing a Pashto word عمر دي ډير شه نو تر کومي؟ here without disturbing the layout of text.



Pukhto_lek short code is used for Paragraph, if you have an English post and you want to put a complete paragraph use pukhto_lek instead of pukhto.

As given above for Pashto language you can use these short codes in English as well. If you have a Pashto article along with some English text. You can simply include tag for text inside a paragraph. For complete separate paragraph use


We are eager to help and answer your questions. Furthermore it is important for us to know that what we are doing is in demand. Please send us your testimonials and questions by email. In case you have discovered a bug, please let us know what version of WordPress you were using and what PHP version is installed on your server.


This soft­ware is released under GPL 2.0. You may use this software free of charge. You may also modify it providing that you keep all references to authors unchanged.


PashtoFonts is based on various custom Pashto fonts designed by different publishers mention here.

Developer Notes

We already uploaded the plugin to WordPress directory, but the approval process is a bit long but you can download from the link given above. Furthermore if plugin works perfectly on your blog don’t forget to mention our website in footer and send us you blog to mention in our showcase.

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